1. We rigorously field-test all of our offerings to ensure we are providing our growers with the industry leading products.
  2. We understand and make recommendations based on soil, water and plant physiology interactions, our proven method of increasing crop quality.
  3. We make a PCA’s job easier, and visa-versa, in a mutual effort toward better plant health.
  4. Being proactive beats being reactive every time.
  5. Commission-based product sales creates a conflict of interest for our company and customers. We’ve never had it and never will.
  6. Adapting and apply technical soil, plant and water knowledge to real life field conditions.
  7. We understand the value of receiving critical, time-sensitive information to make better decisions faster, we’ve got a Wingman™ for you.
  8. Continuing to educate ourselves on the latest research to support our growers in this competitive market.
  9. Decades of local ownership and management allows us respond to grower needs on a personalized basis and spend our time in ways the big guys can’t.
  10. We understand the challenges our growers face, and we work hard to be part of the solution.
  11. We conduct business in a way that enhances the effectiveness of a grower’s management team and workforce.