Helping Growers Make Better Decisions, Faster.

We’ve witnessed our growers struggle balancing responsibilities because of the lack of skilled labor and increased demand. We created a solution to help support growers in getting the answers they don’t have time to get themselves.

 Wingman™ Consulting provides highly-tailored agronomic, irrigation, and regulatory decision support to our growers. We are nutrition and plant health focused – with services designed to collect and assess field data at critical points during the growing season in order to meet various crop-related goals.

Wingman™ Consulting Team

With Wingman™ Consulting, you’re not just getting one person – but a whole team; an agronomist, field technicians, and in-office coordinators working together to deliver a program tailored to meet your needs.

Irrigation Advisor

Irrigation Technology

ILRP Compliance

Water Chemistry

Nutritional Record keeping

Soil Structure and Balance

Employee In-Field Training

Dirty Boots Educational Training

Soil, Water, Plant Sample Data Management & Interpretation