For the last 25 years, Tulare AG Products has had one mission in mind: Help growers make better quality fruit. That same mission is what drove our owner Carl Gwilliam and then business partner Bob Prather, to create Source to Source in 2001, Cal GAP in 2005 and Irrigation Matters in 2008, to better serve growers with the ever-changing problems we face in the agriculture.

In 2017, we transitioned into Vanguard AG, a group of five companies focused on providing growers with the best products, services, recommendations, and equipment available in the marketplace. Each company operates and specializes in a specific part of agriculture, but work closely together to ensure that decisions made are what is best for the grower and the future of the farming industry.


  • We trust each other, and we are worthy of being trusted.
  • We are accountable to ourselves and to each other for results and the attitude we bring to work every day. Every role matters.
  • Our workplace is one where everyone is respected, safe, and welcome.
  • We’re not afraid of the unknown. Taking initiative is where we excel.
  • We show that we value commitment by continually investing in our education, personal growth, and professional reputation as individuals and as a company.
  • Our success depends on helping others succeed.
  • We take great pride in our work and in our collective contribution to the ag industry.


1992: Tulare Ag Products

Tulare Ag Products opened its doors with the simple mission of helping California growers produce higher quality fruit. Over the years, Tulare AG Products has evolved its offerings to meet changing grower needs.

2001: Source to Source

Source to Source, the wholesale fertilizer company, gave us the means to open up our product line to retail businesses throughout California and Arizona.

2005: Cal G.A.P.

Cal G.A.P. began by offering soil, tissue and water sampling services to our growers, in addition to assisting growers with all regulatory needs.

2008: Irrigation Matters

Irrigation Matters started supporting growers with remote field management, water treatments and other irrigation equipment.

2016: Integrated Crop Capture

Integrated Crop Capture offered dealers the ability to directly purchase soil moisture probes. HydraScout probes distributor in the Western US.

2017: Vanguard AG

Vanguard AG was established as an opportunity to streamline the vision of all four companies’ approaches to nutrition, water, in-field sensor technology and regulatory compliance.